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The GAEDE Prize

The GAEDE Prize, donated by Manfred Dunkel and sponsored by Leybold in Cologne, has been awarded annually since 1986. This prize is to be awarded for work in basic research, application and process engineering in the fields of

• vacuum physics and technology

• thin films

• surface physics

• materials and processes of solid-state electronics

• nanostructure sciences and technology

The prize consists of a certificate, a model of Gaede’s molecular (air) pump from 1912 and a prize money of 10,000 euros. Excellent achievements of younger scientists are taken into account, who at the time of the proposal have not yet been offered a position as a university teacher or an equivalent position in a research institution or in industry and are generally no older than 40 years. The research achievements to be honored must be published in scientific journals with peer-review procedures. In addition, reference may be made to recognized doctoral or postdoctoral theses or other evidence. In addition to nominations from third parties, personal applications are also possible.



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