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The Gaede-Fondation

The "GAEDE Foundation" was founded in 1984 by Manfred Dunkel.

The independent foundation is based in Cologne. As a foundation under civil law with legal capacity within the meaning of § 2 Paragraph 1 StiftG NW, it pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in the field of the promotion of science, research and technology. In particular, this is achieved by the:

    • promotion of young scientists (GAEDE Prize)

    • archiving of documents on the life and work of Wolfgang Gaede in the GAEDE archive. This archive is accessible to interested persons.

    • conservation of vacuum pumps developed or significantly improved by Wolfgang Gaede.

The administration of the GAEDE Prize, which is awarded by the German Physical Society (DPG), is a central task. The GAEDE Prize honors work in basic research, application and process engineering in the fields of vacuum physics and technology, thin films, surface physics, materials and processes in solid-state electronics, nanostructure sciences and technology. The prize consists of a certificate, a model of Gaede’s molecular (air) pump from 1912 and prize money of 10,000 euros.

Foundation bodies

The organs of the foundation are the board of the foundation and the prize committee for the Gaede Prize. The members of the board and the prize committee are volunteers.

The members of the executive board are: 

    • ta person related to the relevant scientific environment,

    • a person named by Leybold GmbH,

    • a representative of the founder for the protection of the founder's will

The board elects a deputy/vice-chairperson from among its members.

The duties of the board are: 

    • administration of the foundation and the foundation's assets

    • location of the income from the foundation's assets

    • keeping an account of the assets and the changes in the foundation's assets as well as of the foundation's income and expenses,

    • determination of the tender conditions for the GAEDE Prize,

    • confirmation of the GAEDE Prize laureate who was elected by the prize committee.

The board represents the foundation in and out of court. It has the position of a legal representative. The executive board acts through its chairman or his representative - in each case together with a second member.

The members of the prize committee are: 

    • the chairman of the board of the GAEDE Foundation (chair of the prize committee)

    • a representative of Leybold GmbH

    • three members of the prize committee are elected by the DPG board for a three years term of office. When selecting members, the DPG Board of Directors shall take into account the membership of these members in the fields of the joint professional associations of the DPG and the German Vacuum Society. There are no plans for the reappointment of members.

    • in addition, the responsible DPG board member for scientific programs is a member of the prize committee ex officio and without voting rights.

The tasks of the prize committee are: 

    • Annual tender of the GAEDE Prize in accordance with the terms and conditions

    • proposal of the award winner to the executive board

We would be pleased if you would support the work of GAEDE Foundation with a donation. Donations to the GAEDE Foundation are tax deductible. You will receive a donation confirmation from us on request.

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The logo of the GAEDE Foundation shows a portrait of Wolfgang Gaede and his signature.

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